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Thread: Join The Browser Mob Affiliate Program!

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    Affiliate Network Rep Greg Bennett - AffiliateWindow's Avatar
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    Join The Browser Mob Affiliate Program!
    Enhance website performance—and your affiliate commissions—by offering BrowserMob’s on-demand load testing solutions.

    Why Load Test?

    Load Testing helps identify web performance bottlenecks, determine how much traffic a website can handle, and ensure applications are ready for launch during high traffic periods like the back-to-school season or Cyber Monday. Without testing, customers often experience performance issues in a live environment or spend unnecessary money on additional hardware or bandwidth. That’s why testing applications in a structured manner can identify cost-effective opportunities for performance improvement—saving money in the long run and providing real-world validation that a website is ready to go live.

    Why BrowserMob?

    BrowserMob On-Demand Load Testing services are not only sophisticated; they’re very flexible—allowing clients to run tests at any time, night or day. They’re also easy-to-use and clients can get started immediately with a FREE test. What’s more, BrowserMob offers the ONLY solution with Real Browser Users for testing. This makes life simpler—requiring less scripting and no rewriting. The Real Browser features also include support for Ajax and Adobe® Flash® video streaming. Virtual Users are available as well, so clients can choose between a combination of Virtual Users and Real Browser Users to best meet their testing needs and budget.

    BrowserMob On-Demand Load Testing is a cloud-based solution and can generate massive amounts of simulated traffic from a huge pool of IP addresses at the best possible price. And because BrowserMob utilizes the Selenium open source toolkit, clients can easily transfer over existing scripts for testing. In addition, the MySQL export feature allows clients to download data into their database for further analysis and reporting.


    BrowserMob is a good fit for B2B, website testing, small business and technology sites.


    BrowserMob provides a variety of creative, including static and animated banners and a thorough selection of text links.

    Commission Structure

    $5 for each legitimate Test Drive.

    Commissions will be paid on Corporate Email Sign-ups Only.

    Cookie Length

    30 Days

    Search Marketing/PPC Policy

    Affiliates may not bid on tradenames (or misspellings). Affiliates may not bid on phrases which include tradenames (or misspellings). Affiliates may NOT use the destination URL in the advertising links. Affiliates may use the tradenames in ads.

    Affiliate Management

    This program is proactively managed by Kent Heltne. Reach him at or on 480-659-7874.
    Greg Bennett | Account Manager
    Tel: 888-791-0341 x3 | AIM: GregBennettbuyat

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    BrowserMob is closing on

    Please remove your links at your first opportunity, and rest assured that cookies will be tracked through April 17th, 2011.

    Many thanks,

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