This week my laptop adapter died, I went online looking for a retailer who shipped worldwide as I don't live in the US. Sadly Laptops For Less only ship US/Canada. I found a retailer who shipped international and I ordered 2 laptop adapters plus expediated shipping as I needed the adapters ASAP, the shipping alone came to $127.06. I was prepared to pay this as I couldn't use my laptop without an adapter as my batteries were dead.

When I got my invoice I noticed the shipping was FedEx International Economy. I emailed the retailer right away about this as I ordered expediated shipping. They wrote back saying that this was an error within the shipping department and they refunded me $106.36. In the end the shipping was $20.70, yet at first they charged me $127.06. This must happen a lot online, no wonder some things are so much cheaper online when the retailers make so much profit on shipping and "handling".

Some might say "At least they refunded your money", but would they have refunded my payment had I noticed the "error" in the first place.