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    Google Gears and Firefox HTTP Calls
    I was doing some work in Firefox and opened the Live HTTP Headers add-on. After opening a fresh tab I started typing in the url and was amazed at all the http action just from typing in the first character.

    There are calls to,,,,,,, and many more. Now the first character I typed was an "h" so it's suggesting all the possible sites that I may be looking for.

    Now each of the guesses calls for a site's favicon and returns a 404. I never realized there was so much action just typing in a few characters in the address bar. I would like to be able to disable all this on a short term basis, but all I could find was uninstall information.

    We are getting so hooked on all Google even though we attempt to resist.

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    I'm sure that Google gears provides good and useful functions, but I quit installing any of their wondrous goodies some time ago. They've lost the confidence factor with some of us, no matter how much we depend on them.

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