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    I've been studying SEO for months and am more confused than ever, so I'd like to ask for help from some experienced forum users...

    I went live with my website this September and have been trying to learn everything I can about driving traffic to me. I know it's not permissable to post your website is on this forum so suffice it to say.. my user ID says it all.

    Here is what I have done so far:

    Created a 12,000 page niche website of free searchable information.
    Loaded in 10 keywords on the home page.
    Posted comments on online newspapers on topics that interest my viewers, and when allowable, posting my link.
    Opened a facebook account and posted interesting links every day.

    My next steps in the coming 2 months:

    This coming week I am beginning a Twitter strategy; beginning by following others, then tweeting interesting links throughout each day.
    A youtube channel with 2-3 minute instuctional (how to use the website)videos.
    Begin submitting articles to various blogs.

    I will also be going live with several feeder websites:
    The first, with straight content and searches to feed press releases to the media on a 'jail and prison' rating system I have developed.
    The second is a celebrity jail website.
    The third is a clothing line.
    The others include a vlog and 2 blogs.

    My concerns are that because of my page content, domain name, URLs, Page titles and keywords Google will think I am overusing the more specific keywords that naturally show up, given the content, and will penalize me for 'spamming'. Does anyone know anything about this?

    My other question is how long does it take for Google to recognize my website and the traffic it is getting so I show up in searches?

    Currently I am getting about 300 visits from organic Google searches a day. Is that normal after one month?

    Google Adsense rejected my website due to 'sensitive content', even though it is non-political, clean and is primarily just information and links to content from government law enforcement agencies. What type of ads would you suggest?

    Any advice you can offer regarding my approach and or website, given what I have told you are my questions and concerns are greatly appreciated.



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    300 visitors a day is not bad for a new site. If you want specific answers regarding features of your site you can post it for review here:

    You may find that many merchants do not wish to be promoted on a niche site with the topic you have chosen, not that all merchants hold that view, it's just not the kind of topic they prefer to have their business/branding associated with. I would take a look at my competitors' sites to see what they have found that works and also pay attention to the keywords used to find your site and think of products or services associated with those keywords.

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