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    I'm currently using an Athlon 900 mHz processor with 96MB RAM. It's getting slow opening large datafeed files using Excel. What do you guys use or recommend for optimal performance?

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    900 mhz isn't all that bad but only 96 RAM is terrible. I would load it up to your motherboards max. Hopefully at least 250 MB RAM would fit otherwise if you are going to upgrade your whole system buy something that will take up to 3 gigs of ddr ram.

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    I would go even further, with 512Mb of RAM. Although, I do find the biggest item slowing things down is the operating system. I have a Win98 machine that I run WebMerge, and Excel on and it isn't robust enough to write large amounts of files to. Runs Excel and WebMerge okay though (search and replace, datafeed cleanup, etc.).

    I took an old machine (350MHz Intel), and installed a larger HD and Linux (free). That's where I write all my files to. Works like a champ, and WebMerge no longer has errors writing files etc. I highly recommend the configuration, I think I spent about $150. on the whole thing.

    I am trying to get WebMerge ported over to Linux, using Wine, we'll see if that works. It's another back-burner item though.

    Don't forget a pretty fast connection to the Internet, that helps a lot. If you are working with PHP, Perl or some other language, then the fast Internet connection isn't as critical.


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    While your waiting to upgrade your system – you can open your feeds using Textpad without much trouble, and then breaking them up.

    THEN open them in Excel to play with then upload.

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