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    Translation Tool: Good or Bad?
    What are the advantage and disadvantage of using a translation tool? I am thinking of placing one on my site and I wonder if I should go ahead with it. Can you shade some light on this issue?

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    I've been struggling with this issue too and in the end, I decided not to do it. Here's why- if your visitor decides they want to buy your product or use your service, some sort of action needs to take place on their end. Either they need to fill out a form or call someone or something. If they are looking at the page in Vietnamese and only know Vietnamese, most likely they will have trouble with the action step because usually that happens in English. Most likely your affiliate program has their checkout page on a secure server which will not run third party applications like translators, so if they get to this page and all the sudden it's in English, they will bounce right out of there. At least for my program, I couldn't see a good reason to add a translator.

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    I guess it would depend what types of offers you have going. If they pertain to different languages and are more-so global then it would make sense, but only if the sell pages and or action part could be shown in that language as PushPin said above.

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