Hi all,

I’d like to introduce you to the BetOnMarkets affiliate program and outline why you should seriously consider working with us if you have traffic that might be interested in online trading.

Why BetOnMarkets?

● BetOnMarkets has been the leader in fixed-odds financial trading since 1999.
● Our multi award winning service is based on a patented trading system
● Our revolutionary, easy-to-use platform appeals to both casual players and professional traders.
● Betting options from 30 seconds through to 360 days. [Players/traders can wager from $1 to $5,000].
● We cover all large international markets. [And many small ones].
● Lucrative commission plan; earn up to 35% revenue share.
● In-depth reporting through the MyAffiliates platform.
● Extensive [proven] marketing tools available to affiliates.
● Award-winning customer support team.
● Accurate and on time [every time] monthly affiliate payments since 2004.

...Plus our customers love us. Here are some of the things they have to say about the BetOnMarkets Platform:

I trade the BetOnMarkets platform for myself and all of my clients, because I know the odds quoted are fair and always very reasonable in terms of risk/reward for my clients.

If you still don't have a reason for trading on BetOnMarkets, well, I could offer you a few. How about their new easy interface with beautiful graphics, or the easy to learn bets that you can tailor to suit your trading strategies, or the promptness and efficiency of their customer care unit, without understating the security of your funds and earnings?

I really appreciate your work and this is why you remain my one and only trusted trading platform worldwide. And the new bets make trading a lot easier for me to place my trades. The interface is also a lot more appealing. Thank you very much.

BetOnMarkets Trading Opportunities

More than 250,000 smart traders worldwide enjoy playing the markets quickly and easily with BetOnMarkets. Our flexible platform means there are always opportunities to trade, whether markets are headed up, down or sideways. And, with our wide range of global markets we deliver action 24 hours a day through fixed odds betting.

We offer our customers the chance to profit from bets on over 50 currency pairs, indices, commodities and stocks. Your customers can place their first real money bet for only $1, or as much as $5,000.

What Is Fixed Odds Trading?

Fixed Odds trading is betting on an asset's future price movement. Your customers don’t need to own the physical asset. They predict its price movement, and profit if their prediction is right. For example, if they believe that GOLD will rise relative to the US DOLLAR, they could place a trade to take advantage of that price movement.

To place a trade, they just enter the details of the;
• Desired market.
• Bet type [predicted size and direction of the market move].
• Time frame.
• Desired payout.

Then they click on: 'Price This Bet'. They immediately see the return they will receive if they are correct. If they like the payout, they can place the trade. Profits from winning trades are instantly credited to their account. They can earn 10%, 40%, 100% returns or even more!

The BetOnMarkets platform lets them easily get into the markets when they see an opportunity. They can profit from short term movements without being committed to holding an asset if the market moves against them.

Because it's so flexible, easy to understand and entertaining, BetOnMarkets appeals to a wide range of traders from learners to seasoned experts; cautious traders hedging a position to speculators looking to make a quick score on a predicted market shift.

The Benefits of Fixed Odds Trading with BetOnMarkets

Simple to Understand: The BetOnMarkets bet interface is easy to understand, yet very powerful. It uses simple language to let your customers place complex trades.

Low Minimum Bets: With low minimum account limits and trades from just £1, Fixed Odds bring the potential to profit from financial markets to a much wider audience.

High Maximum Bets: For customers who want to maximize their potential profits, BetOnMarkets offers the ability to bet up to £5,000 on each trade.

Limited Risk: Before placing any bet, your customer can clearly see their potential profit and liability. Their risk [potential loss] is strictly limited to their stake (the price of the bet).

Liquidity: Your customers can sell their bet back before expiry. They can bank profits early, or sell off a trade that is going against them just as easily. BetOnMarkets buys the bet back for its current market value and the funds are immediately credited to your customer's account!

50+ Markets to Trade from a Single Account: We deliver access to 50+ markets from just one account. Your customers can trade; Stock Indices, Currencies Oil, Gold and a range of individual shares.

Trade Types for Every Market Condition: With BetOnMarkets your customers are not limited to simply ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ bets. They can also profit from range-bound and volatile markets. That's because your customers choose both the market they want to trade, and predict how they think the market will move.

BetOnMarkets Commission Structure

At BetOnMarkets, we've earned a reputation as the largest and most lucrative financial betting affiliate program by helping our affiliates to earn the best possible revenues on their referrals.

Total Revenue---------------Commission

Why Affiliates Choose BetOnMarkets

Your relationship with BetOnMarkets is a true partnership where we'll provide you with a total package of products and services to help you achieve success. Here're a couple of reasons why you should consider working with us:

● State-of-the-art trading platform and affiliate portal.
● Marketing representatives [on site] in multiple countries who provide local language and cultural expertise, as well as local business connections in the gaming industry.
● You’ll get paid a commission on the customers you refer to us for life.

At BetOnMarkets we'll give you all the tools you need to succeed in both phases of the marketing cycle i.e. customer acquisition and customer retention.

To help you acquire new players, BetOnMarkets will provide you with a personal account manager who will be able to:

● Answer all your questions [whatever they may be].
● Give you marketing advice in areas like; search engine optimization, content development, website design etc.
● Provide you with fresh, dynamic, SEO-friendly content daily for your website
● Design custom promotions for you and your website/blog e.g. exclusive bonuses just for your players, and more!

BetOnMarkets also will also supply you with an extensive creative library to help you market our games/service. You'll be able to download; banners, rss feeds, landing pages, email messages and special reports in a wide variety of sizes and designs. [Our banner designs target specific aspects of the BetOnMarkets business such as; welcome bonuses, popular games, current promotions etc].

To help you retain your players BetOnMarkets will provide you with:

● Large-scale promotions open to the entire BetOnMarkets player base.
● Small-scale custom promotions created just for you.
● Promotional and informational HTML/plain text emails tagged with your Affiliate ID.
● A "White Glove" VIP service that takes care of your high frequency players/traders and gives them world-class treatment.
● Fresh, new markets and trades to keep your players/traders excited.

Here's a summary of what we offer affiliates and why you should sign up to our affiliate program right now:

● Dedicated affiliate team, plus you'll have your own dedicated account manager.
● High conversion rates: We convert your traffic. Period.
● Competitive commissions: Top affiliates earn tens of thousands every month.
● On time payments: BetOnMarkets pays out affiliates within fifteen days of the end of each month. We pay on time, every time.
● Easy-to-read reports: Track your player's activity and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
● Comprehensive reporting: Manage all your affiliate activities and revenues from one convenient account.
● Extensive marketing materials: A wide range of marketing tools to help you promote our products/brands as effectively as possible.
● You’ll get paid a commission on the customers you refer to us for life.

The way forward...

If you have any questions about BetOnMarkets or our trading platform please drop me a line or post in this thread. I hope that we can work together through 2010 and beyond! To sign up to the BetOnMarkets affiliate program right now please click here.