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    Question for SAS about new column of links in feeds
    Not really new, I've been seeing an additional column of links way past the end of the colum headers for a few months and thought maybe I should find out what these links are for, why are they in the feeds? I did ask one AM about it but they did not know the purpose. It is like a normal link, but with an "atc" in it.


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    The “atc” in the URL stands for add to cart, when the customer clicks the link it will add the product to the merchant’s shopping cart. This is enabled by the Merchant on their end when they setup the feed and provide an "Add to Cart" URL... if they don't provide one this feature won't function. If they do provide one - when atc = 1 it will add it when atc= 0 it will not.

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    Are there any recommendations as to when and ATC URL would be preferable over the old style?

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    Thank you, that's good to know, I would think we could offer a choice of links then: Read More - or Buy Now to save steps for the customer who's ready to buy..

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