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Thread: Google new Search Engine guide

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    Google new Search Engine guide
    Here is the link to the uopdated Google search engine guide. Lots of great imnfo for the seo's out there.

    Google SE guide. right click and save as so you can download it to your computer for future reference.

    Here is the table of contents for the SEO starter guide:

    SEO Basics
    Create unique, accurate page titles
    Make use of the "description" meta tag

    Improving Site Structure
    Improve the structure of your URLs
    Make your site easier to navigate

    Optimizing Content
    Offer quality content and services
    Write better anchor text
    Optimize your use of images
    Use heading tags appropriately

    Dealing with Crawlers
    Make effective use of robots.txt
    Be aware of rel="nofollow" for links

    A Warning to new SEOs or Web Developers
    The updated version of the SEO starter guide's main function is to lead you in the right direction but does not tell you how to implement all the SEO work that needs to be done. If a new or novice web developer uses the guide they will still have to do their research into implementing some of the starter guide suggestions.
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