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    Google denies Oracle's Android copyright complaint
    "Google has denied Oracle's complaint of copyright infringement in development of Android smartphone software and asked a U.S. court to dismiss Oracle's lawsuit, court documents showed."

    I was really hoping to see those big fishes hitting one each other in a public trial ... Try again Oracle!

    Source:Google denies Oracle's Android copyright complaint - Yahoo! News UK


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    What Google has done is very common - attempt to obtain a dismissal based on allegations of insufficient pleadings. Even if the Court agrees, it will give Oracle the right to file an amended complaint. Just because Google is using such tactics early in the proceeding, does not mean that they will prevail. If Oracle can sufficiently allege a proper cause of action, the case will proceed.

    Of course at a later point Google will likely file a Motion for Summary Judgment to obtain a Judgment in their favor without trial (as opposed to their current attempt to have the case dismissed).

    Should that also be unsuccessful, the case would go to trial, probably in two or three years (baring intervening appeals - note that the first appeal in Amazon v New York is yet to be decided more than a year after the appeal was filed).

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    Well, so I guess I will have the chance to see them biting each other


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