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    Does anyone know of anything fun and interactive to add to a website that is somehow shopping related? There was a guy that had a game where you had to find the points on the site and could gather them and use on your purchase. Do you know anything similar that I wouldn't have to write the code for myself? Something coupon related would be fantastic.

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    There was a Easter Egg script that when hidden inside some pages you make it something fun for your visitors to discover whatever you want to promote or give free.

    I don't remember the name of the script since the last time I use it was over five years ago but, it's something to do with the egg hunt game.


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    How about a scratch and win ticket? I did one last year that was very well received.

    I would be glad to send the functionality to you.

    Here is an example.

    Scratch and Win

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    Abu Gabby

    can you send the functionality? (flash mx?)

    pm me-- I'll send you my email address...
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