Below is everything that has happened so far today here at CPAWAY with respect to offers and campaigns:

Newly Added Offers:
As Seen on TV - Rewind Skin Care (US, CA) Paying $13.50 NO INCENTIVES
iShopSmartClub - Madden 2011 Game [Submit] Paying $0.75 Incentives OK
VideoGameRewardsCentral - World of Warcraft [Submit] Paying $0.75 Incentives OK
FlirtLounge - Australia Paying $1.25 Incentives OK
SaveAndSmile - Baby Starter Kit [Submit] Paying $0.65 Incentives OK
MobileNobo - Basketball (ZA) Paying $1.65 Incentives OK
eCig 76 Electronic Cigarette - Free Trial Offer Paying $21.60 NO INCENTIVES

Offers with New Rates:
Browsing for a Cause - GlobalMojo (US, CA) Paying $1.50 Incentives OK - Iceland Food Shopping Paying $0.75 Incentives OK
My Web Face - Facebook Paying $0.75 NO INCENTIVES

Offers that expired today:
Make My Baby Spain
MoBoo - IQ Quiz (Netherlands)
MoBoo - IQ Quiz (Spain)
MoBoo - IQ Quiz (Portugal)
MoBoo - Crush (Germany)
MobileNobo - Wild West (ZA)
Make My Baby Puerto Rico
Make My Baby South Africa

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