My Mum has been playing Bass Guitar for a fair few years and she has her own band that plays a couple of times a week. Anyway I sent her a potential client to look at (Don't we all ask our Mum's to check out clients for us ?).

Anyway short version, she replied a day later "Best Learn Bass Guitar Video Course she has ever seen, and she's had a look at a few".

To quote "I've been playing for a while, and even in the sample I saw a few things that made me wonder what else I could learn from the whole course that I have missed out on."

So naturally on that recommendation we made sure we signed up our latest client Teach Me Bass Guitar, and my Mum will be getting the complete course for Christmas

They already have an affiliate program running, so feel free to jump in right away while we work on some revamps. It's an inhouse program, no plans at this time to take it to a Network.

Appreciate your feedback.