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    I opened a free Blogger (owned by Google) account awhile ago but never had time for it. Logged in today and noticed they took away the ads you usually had to pay to get rid of and put up nav bar search. Also pushing Adsense as part of their big Adsense push:

    Got me thinking i might put a little more time to blogs. And to make sure i don't have any of my Adwords ads showing up in any of these blogs

    Also if you have a blog you can sell advertising on it very easily:

    I will be sticking to my sites but for those that love to write, good to know you have some blogging options to make some money.

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    Alright you convinced me. Just registered another domain that I'll use for a blog. Now if I can only find time to start it!

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    not sure what they have in mind with the adsense or how it will fit with me, as I took the main blog code and intergrated into my exsisting site that already was runing adsense.

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