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    Affiliate Ripped Off By LinkConnector
    I noticed quite a few complaints about LinkConnector but because they have a merchant I wanted to promote (PRWeb) I signed up with them... and what a mistake that was! Therefore I'm here looking for any advice on what I can do to get my money.

    I joined LinkConnector in August and have earned what I believe to be over $200 in commission. Now LinkConnector is claiming several links/sales were invalidated because the customers were "already" a buyer of PRWeb. Keep in mind, the sales were not made through another affiliate, but supposedly the buyer was already a customer. Out of the 8 sales or so I generated 3 were already customers. What are the odds of that? I know PRWeb is big but come on.

    Here is a snap shot of my report indicating the "invalidated" sales at TechSmith |, online video sharing, 2010-10-08_1442

    Moreover, LinkConnector is claiming my commission only to be $92 and in order to be paid by Paypal I must first receive at least three checks totaling more than $600. Once you reach this level your payments will begin to be sent by Paypal. Ever heard of that before?

    I emailed LinkConnector and told them I'm leaving their program and removed all their links. Their response was "Once your account balance is above $100 we will send you a check if you choose to continue promoting merchants through LinkConnector."

    I decided to make this complaint public for 2 reasons: 1) As a newbie affiliate I need advice from the experts here on how I can collect my money, if possible and; 2) Perhaps by going public, the managers of LinkConnector will decide to pay me to show they do have credibility. Right now question that. Is it worth the $200 or so to them? Let's find out.

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    bump Anyone have advice on how I can recoup the $92 from LinkConnector... they are not replying to my emails. Perhaps a complaint to the BBB and FTC will get them to respond?

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    3 from 8 being existing customers? With a website such as Prweb? Why would that not be likely?

    If you choose to leave the network, then you can forget about the commission. Maybe you made a mistake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmozart View Post
    Now LinkConnector is claiming several links/sales were invalidated because the customers were "already" a buyer of PRWeb.
    Do the terms of the PRWeb program exclude payment for sales to existing customers?

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    Sorry to hear about your frustrations. Definitely read over the T&C for the program and see what it says about affiiliate-tracked sales from existing customers already in their database. If it's not covered in there, have you already contacted the AM for already? Or have you only gone through LinkConnector's account reps? Or, is PRWeb having their entire program managed BY LinkConnector? Sorry, I'm not clear on the details. If LC is not answering your questions (though sounds like they are), then you might contact the merchant directly.

    Depending how/where you are promoting this merchant, it is very likely that you're sending them traffic based on searches made by existing customers. For example if you're running PPC campaigns in major search engines, and bidding on their biz name - the idea that you'd be picking up searches by customers who'd used them before, isn't far fetched at all. They're probably "The" biggest press release service on the web, and the best known. It may just come w/ the territory of promoting a merchant as big as they are (they do already have a large existing database of customers).

    Re: Paypal terms - It's not uncommon for a program to have a minimum payment threshold that you must reach by accruing a minimum in earnings before payment is made, however 3 checks of $600 or more before they'll pay you via Paypal is a bit unique. I'm not sure why they do that but it is their right to set their own terms as such. Is that the policy for all merchant programs run through LC or just earnings via PRWeb?

    That said, if you are a new affiliate and made even 5 sales in your first pay cycle with them, I think you're doing ok even with the knowledge that they don't payout on sales tracked by affiliate for existing/repeat customers. The program may still hold potential for you. You might consider giving them another shot if you can accept the terms as is. If you do continue with them, try to come up with a strategy to promote them in such a way that you're targeting people who are less likely to have heard of or used them before vs. those who have.

    Best of luck.

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