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    Domain forwarding and affiliate marketing
    Hi all,

    I have a question regarding domain forwarding in relation to affiliate marketing.

    In a hypothetical situation, let's say you own a generic, keyword-rich .com domain name that receieve a fair amount of target traffic. You just bought it and you don't have any content on it yet. In this example let's say the domain pertains to web hosting.

    While you have plans to create useful and unique content for the site, in the meantime you would like to forward the domain to a world-class web host's web site (with your affiliate code included). In doing so, you hope to convert some visitors into buyers.

    My questions to you:

    1) Can this be a profitable strategy? Forwarding a domain, while relatively easy, doesn't provide much value to its visitors because there's no 'help' or 'advice' being provided in the form of content. I guess one can call it the 'lazy affiliate's solution'. And from the advice I've read on this forum, 'lazy' and 'affiliate marketing' don't mix well

    2) Do merchant's mind receiving forwarded traffic from other domains? On one hand, they're receiving relatively targeted traffic, however on the other hand, the visitors aren't visiting the merchant's site by choice, they're visiting because another domain forwards them there; they didn't click on a 'visit now' CTA button.

    Thanks for your help,


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    IMHO I won't really like that as a visitor or as a merchant. I think its annoying when you click on a link and it sends you somewhere you were not expecting to go and as a merchant, probably the conversion rate is very low on these visits and may be creating bad PR because the visitors only sees the merchant's site and just assumes the merchants is doing this for extra exposure. However, as an affiliate, I can see why you'd want to go ahead and benefit from a strong URL, even if you don't have content yet. I would ask your merchant directly how they feel about that.

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