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    How to Allow Outsourced Employees in Philippines to Make Purchases
    I have a few employees in the Philippines that I am willing to have make some purchases (for web hosting, domains, etc.). Keep in mind the banking system where they live is not well developed but this might not matter. There might be some purchases I have them do in-country, for computer equipment for example.

    While I trust my guys, I know things can happen, people can change. Would like something that has some limit to my liability and I have insight and control over. Simplicity would be nice.

    Some possible ideas:
    1. get a new credit card and give them access to it - with some modest credit limit
    2. I guess some Amex (possibly other) cards allow you to have a "add-a-card" that I could give to them
    3. can I setup a Paypal account for them somehow?
    4. prepaid debit card - with allowance to refill and keep same card?

    Any ideas on specific products that might be of use? What have other people done in similar circumstances?

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    Steve45, that's a tough one. Have worked with several people in the Philippines and have transferred money to have them purchase directly. Have been using for several years with no trouble. Currently can transfer up to $2500 for a $7.99 fee. They can pick up the money or have it direct deposited in their bank account. is another option mentioned many times on this forum.

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    I use Paypal to pay my person. I don't have them buy anything for me at this time but when / if I do, I would probably give them some money upfront to make the purchases, replenishing it each week. A very limited credit card could be a good option as well as you can shut it off at anytime.

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    Have it sent through paypal and just collect the receipt after. But the main question I'd like to ask is that, in case you terminate you're projects or employment or whatever do you want to call it, who gets the items they bought? Technically it yours but do you think in that event they will ship out the items to you? Just curios...

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