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    Exclamation All Petfooddirect links stopped working
    All my BYOL GAN links with advertiser Petfooddirect stopped working today! Pages just hang forever and nothing happens.

    It is worth of attention that links with other advertisers I have in GAN work without any problem. The issue persists only with Petfooddirect. I even tried rebuilding their links, but no help. And Petfooddirect website is up and fully running, pages where the links should go load fine.

    Anyone has an idea what it can be? Anyone noticed such issue with another merchant in GAN?

    I contacted GAN, but don't think there will be any response in the near future...

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    No, really, folk you should know that!

    I noticed the issue on the 11th of October (perhaps it occured a week before, or 2..). Wrote to GAN directly. On October 12 Jamie (to whom I wrote a seperate email) confirmed me that he saw the problem. One day later a useless mail from GAN support finally arrived with a guide to "troubleshooting steps". I answered them with exact examples of not working links. The same date the affiliate manager from Petfooddirect confirmed that their tech team was working with GAN to resolve the issue, but they haven't succeeded yet.

    Finally a few hours ago the links started to work. And what do you think? Proud GAN support declared just now:

    When I copy and paste these links into my browser, I am not having any
    issues getting to the landing page. I am testing in Mozilla/5.0 and
    Chrome and have tested on several other computers here. Have you tried
    clearing your cookies/cache and trying the link again?

    So that must mean "We are never wrong even if we are. Our system is faultless. That is your mistake".
    Thank you, GAN! And good-bye, GAN!

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    I have found their help to be less than helpful too. Every time I log in there they show me clicks on outdated links. At first I thought it must be clicks on cached pages, but not 100% could fall into that class. The links they show me haven't been on my site for days and if I run a report, it shows that the clicks were not today or even yesterday, but back when the links were current. Every click to view the source/referer shows an error.

    When I contacted them about it they said that occasionally a referer cannot be determined. OK, nothing new there, but 100%? I don't like the idea that their reporting is so screwed up that they are calling clicks "invalid" because they are so far past date in reporting them, and curious now if this would be reason for reversal. Tell your merchants not to use links that expire in that case. I'm just hanging in there until they transfer my last commissions. I almost feel sorry for merchants who signed up expecting top quality services.

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