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    Coupons - Short Term.
    I keep getting coupons from Merchants that have an expiry date of two weeks. I am sorry but in my particular case it is not worth the time to place and then remove them.
    I suggest that you put a longer life span on your coupons to make it worth my while.

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    One of the merchants that I work with started sending coupons that change every week over the summer and ran from Thursday until Monday. They were offering the same 20% off every week but unfortunately they changed the code every week which made it next to impossible to maintain. I sent them a couple of e-mails over the summer explaining that this was a very time consuming way of updating coupons and offered a couple of alternatives but received no reply so I simply stopped promoting their deals.

    If merchants insist on codes or deals that change frequently they should consider one of the many ways available to auto update their coupons like widgets or DRM.

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    One of the things that I suggest is having coupons for varying lengths of time. Have one coupon that's good all year. Have a monthly coupon that changes each month (an actual change, not just the code!). Then, have shorter-term coupons from time to time that are worth promoting. Not everyone will promote the monthly or shorter coupons, but many coupon sites see the best activity for coupons on the first day or two and/or the last day or two, so the short term coupons can be extremely effective. A smart merchant will also make it easy for non-coupon affiliates to leverage the coupons, either through a dynamically updated banner, and landing page that always shows the best offer, or some other similar method.

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