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    ABW offer from Coca Cola?
    I just received an email offer from ABW, promoting co-branding partnership opportunities with Coca Cola, McDonalds and Southern Comfort, through a company called The Marketing Store.

    Affiliate Marketing and Brand Building Partnership from Partner Big

    The site doesn't give much info on how it works, but it seems to me they're looking for advertisers, not publishers. It doesn't seem like an affiliate or performance marketing thing at all.

    Why did they run it through ABW?
    What am I missing?

    I mean, don't get me wrong, I really think branding and affiliate marketing can go hand in hand, and this is really interesting conceptually. I'm just confused on the logistics of this particular offer.

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    Well, there are some merchants that post here. Could be the target audience.
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    I was hoping this was an indication of new lucrative trend for the industry. $$$
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