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Thread: Webgains is looking better and better

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    Webgains is looking better and better
    I joined Webgains for a specific merchant who later also joined CJ, so I never got around to using Webgains.

    But, there has been spurt in new program announcements from Webgains... and I first started noticing after they announced Dr Jays... pretty cool stuff at Dr Jays.

    So, what's the feedback from ABW members on Tracking, Reporting, Datafeed access and other features on Webgains. I currently work with SAS, CJ and Awin. How would you rate Webgains compared to these networks?

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    Hi netmktg,
    For an unbiased point of view, there are years of testimonials from merchants and affiliates here: Affiliate Marketing

    From a bias point of view, here are some more details on Webgains to give you confidence in our platform.

    Our Tracking is proprietary and quite advanced. We have a record of 100% uptime since we started and our servers are held on Rackspace which I am sure you've heard of. We introduced cookie-less tracking in 2005 which tracks up to 8-10% more sales for affiliates and you can see which merchants are using it on the program details page (See Cookie-less enabled option)

    Reporting is again quite advanced. This has been constantly improved over the years by requests from our top affiliates in all 9 countries we operate in. Affiliates can customize their reports to whatever period or time frame they want and get all the information they need right down to the hour. You can set up scheduled emails for any reports you like or use our webservice to get real-time data imported into your own custom reporting interface. There is not much we have not or do not provide for the top affiliates around the world.

    Datafeeds are an important part of our network. We have an in-house team that processes every merchants feed every morning to ensure there are no problems for affiliates that fetch them daily. We typically get merchants to provide us with the most detailed report that they can so you can choose the data you use and we do our best to make sure the merchants data includes critical information like UPCs, a range of images and is well categorized. You can choose either Webgains categories or the merchants depending on what works best for you. We are partnered with Popshops, Goldencan and alike if you prefer to get your feeds from an aggregator.

    We also have many other features that you may be interested in like coupon management tool, semantic content unit builder & much more! Our blog is quite popular to keep up to date with whatever category/industry niche you work in.

    It really comes down to our customer service though, we pride ourselves at being the best and most proactive network of the bunch. Probably more importantly to you though, we are the fastest paying network around (weekly payments).

    Hope this helps and I also hope to see you on the platform soon! Let me our any member of team know if you need assistance.

    We have plenty more great programs (not on other networks) coming very soon!
    Ryan Gilbert
    Webgains USA
    AIM: WGrgilbert
    MSN/e: ryan{at}

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