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    Home pages not ranking, but subpages are?
    I have a Joel Petersen Mini Site Formula site up using Wordpress. It's been up for a few weeks, and I probably have a dozen articles plus product posts (Datafeedr drip)/about one product post/day. All of the article posts are targeting one keyword however.

    For this one keyword my home page is not even in the top 1000 on google? Two subpages are ranking for this keyword, at around the 500 mark. Both subpages are product posts from Datafeedr.

    So my question is - does that make any sense? Why would the homepage not rank? I was using some copied adwords text for my site description in the meta-data so I changed that thinking I am getting slapped for that? Any other things to check? My site checks out good at I have an about us/contact us and privacy page.

    The home page does seem to be getting indexed.

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    That sounds normal for a new site. SEO helps but does not work miracles. For your site (and posts and pages) to move up in the index, you need to beat out the unique content that is in those first page sites. What have you offered on your site that people can't find on 200 other sites? Look at your site and then look at the top ranked sites, that should give you an idea of what you need to do to get there. That, and time.

    I should add that this is very general advice, a lot depends on what you are trying to rank for, how competitive is your niche, how deeply entrenched is your competition, etc.

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    well, this happened for new website,,, be clear that you have prepared with the good keyword scheme, that really effect, if you have links, going on your home page,, and you are submitting them 100 times in 5 days, and the rest you are submitting 10 time, it will hep pend,,?

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    well, the same is with me,, and i feel the matter, that the keywords i am using for home page are highly competitive, and do have high search volume,, so now i change my strategy a bit..

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    2busy is probably right - new sites can be put in the "Google Sandbox" for a bit. I had a new site where the homepage was past 200th place in search results, but every time I did a new post, that post would end up in the top 10 for the main keyword of the site.

    The only other explanation is if you tried to build too many links to the homepage using the same keyword too fast, then your homepage (that keyword in particular) might be under a penalty. It might take a bit of time to tell, but usually it will work itself out, assuming that you haven't been doing anything shifty in your SEO.

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