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    PopShops API calls??? How do I use this???
    So I do an API call over HTTP... I get back a new browser window full of messed up looking .xml code. I dont get it. What am I supposed to do with this?? I am familiar with using .xml data feeds, but I usually downlaod an actual .xml file... What is this all about??

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    I'm guessing you'll get more responses and have better luck finding something out about the PopShops API if this were posted in the PopShops forum.

    If I were a mod, I'd move it there for you, but I'm not. Perhaps one will come along and move it.

    Oh, and I'm also unable to be very helpful, as I know just about NOTHING about doing anything with APIs. Sorry!
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    PopShops does not offer any support for their API format, when you sign up for it, it is up to you to get it going. All the documentation for it is on their site, not sure if any of it helps out with Joomla.

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    Have you used APIs before? If not, you can Google "WebServices" to find out how an API works, they're pretty much the same thing. They are more complex then just a simple download and are usually used by programs to automate communication over the internet.

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