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    Reaching Affiliate Marketers
    Hi everybody.

    Let's say that you have a product that you only want to sell to affiliate marketers in the network of, say, Commission Junction (you will be making the product available to other affiliates later, but for now the product will only be effective for CJ affiliates).

    It's a low priced product that will significantly increase the commissions a Commision Junction affiliate will earn. Assume the product actually works.

    My question is, how would you reach affiliate marketers (publishers) of Commission Junction to let them know about the product?


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    Each network has "New Merchants" announcements on their websites and for those affiliates that subscribe, an email is sent. You could go to the many affiliate marketing forums around and spread the word. Before you go posting some big announcement on any forum, always check rules.

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    Some networks let you buy advertising. It isn't cheap.
    Deborah Carney

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    One obvious strategy would be to advertise your product here on ABW. Another would be to offer your product for free to some of the most influential folks (including publishers & affiliate managers) here, and encourage them to post their reviews and feedback in an appropriate sub-forum on ABW. (But you absolutely should not pay anyone to post reviews, nor should you post or encourage "shill" reviews -- reviews posted by newbies are usually presumed to be shills.) Of course, you run the risk that a publisher will evaluate your software and post negative comments or feedback here.

    Another strategy would be to ask for assistance from some OPMs (outsourced program managers) or in-house affiliate managers (AMs) using CJ. If an OPM or AM believes that your tool would be useful for publishers (affiliates), especially if your tool might help drive more sales to the merchant, then the OPM or AM might refer publishers to you.

    Of course, the same is true for in-house affiliate managers who use CJ.

    Finally, search around for any web site directories that list "affiliate tools" or "affiliate software," and submit your information to be included. While this is unlikely to drive significant sales, it might bring you one or a few new prospects.
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