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    Question What is Overture?
    The other day I ocasionally see the word "overture" as a marketing and promotion term. What does this buzz word mean? And as an affiliate, how shall I put it into marketing practice to boost traffic to my site? Thank you very much.

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    Overture was the original pay-per-click provider, who dominated the field for several years, until they were bought out by Yahoo and became Yahoo Search Marketing a few years ago.

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    @AffiliateHound: you are right... now it is yahoo services, they bougt it 14 Jul 2003........!

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    As noted, Overture was the name of the company that Yahoo acquired and merged as its own PPC-search operation. Overture was the company's second name; originally it was called "" but there was a trademark lawsuit and it changed the name to Overture.

    GoTo/Overture was the first major company to integrate "paid search" with organic search results, and was definitely the dominant force in PPC search in the late 1990s, and remained the dominant player even during the first year after Google launched AdWords (in 2000 or 2001). By 2004, Google AdWords was the biggest player.

    I still have a t-shirt, and several Overture post-it pads.
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    but now a days, if we think google is going great with paid marketing... i love google to use for ppc..!

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