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    Affiliate Survey to help fight the affiliate nexus tax
    We are conducting a survey that will help us in our fight against the Affiliate Nexus Tax. Brick-and-mortar and big-box retail stores are pushing for this tax, they feel they are competitively disadvantaged because some online merchants don’t have to collect sales tax. Their argument is that states are losing tax revenue.

    Complete a short Affiliate Survey <>

    We want to propose a counter-argument – that in fact, states are gaining tax revenue from their affiliates, money they’d never see if it wasn’t for the affiliates in their states.

    Affiliates have visitors from all over the world who click on their links, and are redirected back to merchants all over the world. An affiliate in Illinois, for example, may get a visitor from California, who clicks on an ad for a merchant based in New York. When that Illinois affiliate gets paid commission for that action, that affiliate pays Illinois in the form of income tax (and property tax, business tax, employment tax, and so on).

    In fact, we predict most affiliates derive a very large majority of their revenue from visitors and merchants outside their state. This survey will help us quantify this phenomenon. We want to show legislators how much their state gains from affiliates.

    If you are a publisher, we are asking you to provide us just a few pieces of information on how much of your traffic comes from your home state.

    Thank you!
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    Thanks Rebecca, for everything you guys do to fight this!

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