Hello to all,

Hello to all the Marketing Profs here, so you can you give me some Tipps to my questions;

Im beginning with affiliate in germany or other english speak countires.(im german). So i read in us Forums, that social traffic will not bring conversion rates?

Is that for german and english speaking language countries too?

Please note, i not will my Blog make full of ad banner or so, not. 2-3 Partnerprograms in Form as a Textlink not ads banners. So i think this is better fpr the visitors.

I Hope not, i promote my Blogs alsways over social news portals.

So that is real, that social traffic will not make conversions,so i think i make my Blogs complet in english and promote then on englisch speaking Canals, so with Article Marketing or with Presseportals.

Is bring Artikel Marketing or Presseporal (newportals) me many Traffic?
So i Think i must many many write, i can every day write to 20 Newsportals, or Article Portals, this is not my problem.

Its unfortunately so, that i will write news, they need 2 days when they are published in Article Portals, so then they are old.

Then are Newsportals better?- They published faster?

So, my last questions to the Marketing Profs here, is that possible or real, that 1 Article in 10 Article or Newsportals bring me 10 visitors dayli?

So when i can many writing in my business branch, so like perezhilton, so 20-30 Blogpost a day , so i must become many traffic too, so my theory......

So when i write dayli to 20 Blogposts to Newsportals, so ist possible to become 2000 visitors in month?

Im lucky to become Tipps from you.

with best regards