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    Quick question Regarding PopShops API.
    I am using their example scripts and modifing them so I can use their API service. Everything is going well except this. In the example script it gives this code to use so you can make your page load up with products with this default keyword search. Problem Is I cant figure out how to use it. I have tried every combination, and nothing worked. What if I wanted my default search to load using the keywords "Electronics" or "Laptops" How would I do that? Thank you!!

    /* ---------------------------------------
    Set a default search
    Set a default search in case the search keywords are empty.
    $defaultSearch = $categories[0] [ 'search_options' ][ 'keywords' ];

    That is the code I am supposed to put "Electronics" or "Laptops" in somwhere, somehow in that keywords field.. Sounds easy enough, but everything I try gives me syntax errors and my page wont load. Help me please!!!
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