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    would anyone name any of the best selling products for the christmas period

    and name merchants that actually pay.. im tired of dealing with parasite, sleazy merchants.. there are many that are very very good and pay on time and you can just tell they are there to help... anyway..

    ideas please... start with categories like





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    Asking that question is cheating - if we all told our secrets you would have all the money and we would be crying!

    Uniques always sell well during Xmas - also Gift Certificates. Problem with gift certificates is not many merchants are willing to run those through the affiliate program as the FRUAD level is HIGH.

    Bath products are a great seller (Bath & Body – CJ merchant)
    Any toy (Amazon sells best-take a look at HobbyTron)
    TFAW (has great Unique (CJ merchant)

    Personally I am going to buy tons of those Australian T’s from SamyT this year as stocking stuffers (SAS merchant).

    A shame but a lot of my favorite merchants are gone this year for the holiday sales. They are standing on their own and doing well without an affiliate program

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    here's a hint:
    last holiday season, i was browsing around some hardware online store. they had a big sign on the front page, saying: big sale clearance items (that product is your best friend during winter season). I then went back to my cj acc manager and looked for that product, found a couple then put them up on my site. within the next days, sales were coming in like crazy. people indeed were looking for that product !

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    msg me redsand and let me know and lets get rich together LOL.... you really got me wondering now.. damn

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