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    CJ Impression Count for Affiliate Widget
    Hi - We are currently using the Groupon widget and trafficking the widget via DFP. And we had a question in re: to the impression count because DFP is stating that we are currently delivering tens of thousands of impressions, but CJ's reporting is only indicating twenty+ impressions. What is the issue?

    Also, how quickly will a conversion from the widget be posted to CJ?

    Thank you-

    Rob Cruz

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    Hi Rob,
    Nice to meet you and welcome to ABW! The impression data for the widget is off because we didn't incorporate the impression tag at all in the code (it was created prior to my time). This is an improvement that will definitely be implemented in Widget 2.0, which is scheduled for Q1 of 2011. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    The one workaround I can think of, is that you could just grab the actual javascript, hack it to track impressions, and then host it yourself. Seems kind of roundabout, but then at least you'd get that data!

    Overall reporting through CJ tends to be delayed by 3 or 4 hours based on my experience... if you search around this forum, you'll find similar reports from other users.

    Hope that helps, and thanks!

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