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    June 23rd, 2006
    datafeed site getting deindexed after update
    Hi, have not been here in a long time but have an interesting problem that might help others if it can be solved:

    so I have a datafeed site that I built using Affilistore. I made the site in May of 09 did not update it until June of this year. The site was rolling along with over 10,000 indexed pages and was making about $100 a month from Jan. until mid June of this year when I did the update.

    Traffic was about 250 to 300 uniques a day. When I did the update the indexed pages spiked to about 18,000 pages and income went up for about 2 weeks. Today I am down to 462 indexed pages. Nothing else changed.

    My Affilistore is the paid version so no links from the creator in the footer. Any idea what I could have screwed up?

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    June 23rd, 2006
    another thing:
    google bot is going to my site quite a bit in
    june: 46577+37
    Juy: 64305+39
    Aug: 30449+36
    Sept: 24879+35
    Oct: 28832+27

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