Hey all,

One of the things we hear a lot is that people don't like having to log into multiple networks to view their stats, so we've been working on building a tool to address that.

The aggregation tools out there right now are geared toward affiliates. That would seem to suggest that merchants and OPMs either don't need a similar tool, or else the market is just too small.

I wanted to float my assumptions (based on a lot of phone calls we've been doing) to the ABW community to see if they seem accurate. If not, I'd appreciate some feedback.

In the retail space, it seems like a lot of merchants run on a single network, in which case there is no need for aggregation. If they branch out to multiple networks, they usually stick to 2-3, in which case seeing those stats in a single location might be nice, but not overly necessary, unless they have multiple AMs who could have the aggregated stats broken down by the affiliates assigned to that particular AM.

For OPMs, who usually steer clear of the CPA space, seeing the stats for all the accounts they manage (even if they use just a single network to run the programs on) would save a lot of time.

For CPA advertisers, their offers might get picked up on hundreds of networks, but since they use their own tracking systems (on which they solely rely on getting their stats to pay out commissions), they don't end up logging into other networks to view their stats, so data aggregation is not useful to them.

I'd be interested in hearing back from the OPMs and merchants, but affiliates are free to voice their thoughts on this matter as well.