The PodFlexPro is the bendable, shapeable holder for your iPhone, iPod Touch and for 8 different Android phones for hands free video viewing at the gym, on the airplane, at your desk and beyond. It is the only holder that works with every generation of iPhone and iPod Touch. Therefore, it works with over 13 different devices. That means the market for the PodFlexPro is over 100 million users.

The PodFlexPro was invented out of PAIN – pain of holding up an iPhone during a flight to watch a movie, the pain of holding up an iPod Touch to watch video while at the gym. Thus the PodFlexPro was born to bend, shape and flex and hold your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone in any position. The PodFlexPro is light as a feather and stiff as a flexible board to accommodate all of or your hand free video viewing needs. Just set it, flex it and go for it!

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