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    higher conversion rates
    Hello to all,

    does an opt in List makes higher conersion rates as an presell page?
    when do it, what ist the conversion rate in average?

    or its better when the merchant haves an landing page, i as an affiliate makes an opt in list, then send my list members to my presell page and from then to the landing page from the merchant?

    i think teyre are to much clicks what the list members must make. 1 click from the email to my presell page,
    2. click from presell page to landing page (merchant) and 3. click landing page buy buttom.

    i think i can make an pres ell page or an opt in list, bt not both.

    can you me recommended an autoresponder hwre i can include my affiliate link?

    what do you think about the conversion rates from an opt in list- are they make more profit and are higher?

    best wishes

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    Why is this posted under "Affiliate Marketing Events and Gatherings"?

    You have asked a similar question regarding the conversion rates of article marketing. The questions you are asking are great questions, but these are questions that you need to research in your own statistics because every site is different to some degree, every marketer is different to some degree and there can be no accurate useful answer to the questions you are asking. What is more successful for you? Only you can look at your statistics and analyze them and get answers that pertain to you and how you do your business. Good luck.

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