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    You are the one with the good ideas
    A coworker of mine recently posted an article saying that good ideas are a product of collaboration- meaning that the best ideas don't just come from one brain, but many over a period of time. With the help of the internet, itís become easier than ever to exchange ideas with people across the globe, just like here in abestweb forum. This isn't groundbreaking news I know, but itís good to sit back and think for a second about the ways your programs and networks have grown from simply sharing your ideas and listening to others.

    Here is a YouTube link to an inspiring Steven Johnson video about good ideas: YouTube - WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM by Steven Johnson

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    and the real truth to it, is that life is stranger than fiction, sometimes you'll find the best idea from the most unexpected source, cest la vie

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    Thanks for posting that - it was an interesting and well produced video.

    I am not sure if I agree with what he said. I think that it is more likely that truly great ideas are inspired and come from individuals having "eureka moments" and not from the concensus of a group. This has been my experience. Group mentalities limit and retard creative thinking and I suspect this fellow is selling tools to extract creative thinking out of the group no matter how unlikely it is.

    Just my 2 cents.

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