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    Angry Latest Script - Problems Not Resolved
    Because I have 100s of links on my web site for the previous version of the Amazon script, I need to Rename the file and others, to "" etc.

    According to the instructions on the "Renaming" web page,
    Item # 3 says: "Rename ae-2.ini to shop-2.ini" or in my case it would be amazon-2.ini.

    BUT There is no ae-2.ini file

    I have downloaded the zip file several times and extracted, but the results never show any file by that name. Does that file, ae-2.ini actually exist?

    I don't know if that is why I'm getting a 500 Internal Server Error or not, or if there is some other problem.

    I have uploaded everything in ASCII and checked all permissions (755)
    Can anyone answer the above question and offer a suggestion.

    The dog man

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    Have you contacted Cusimano other than here on the forum? I ask because sometimes you'll get a faster answer via email. I don't have any "ae-2.ini" file in my downloads either, I would guess you should rename the ae-ini.txt file to amazon.ini (if you have renamed the script to and upload it to the same directory. It is possible that the instructions you have quoted from are/were for a previous version (?).

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    Thank you
    I am glad to hear that someone else does not have that # 3 file. I presume your script works???

    Yes, I will try once more to reach D. Cusimano directly although I already went down that road recently, to no avail.

    Thanks again.

    The dog man.

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    For solutions to the "500 Internal Server Error", see:
    Associate Engine Script : Troubleshooting FAQ

    If you still can't get it to work, send me your FTP login via my Support Form or by direct email to me.

    The "500 Internal Server Error" is independent of what you name the script or any of its files.

    To rename to, rename it and all files (and directories) that start with ae so they start with amazon instead. For example, becomes, ae-ini.txt becomes amazon-ini.txt, etc. -- The reference in the documentation for ae-2.ini was outdated. That file is no longer included. And configuration files are now named *-ini.txt rather than *.ini since .txt files can be double-clicked to open in the Windows Notepad text editor. The documentation has been updated.

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano
    Affiliate Tools: Datafeed Merge

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