A lot of affiliates have been asking me for additional information on the AllHotels program, so I wanted to take a moment and fill you in on what our friends at AllHotels are working on.

AllHotels recently redesigned their website to make the user experience more favorable and to increase conversion rate. Some of the new attributes they added include:

• Unique shopping options & tools: Search by landmark, neighborhood, point of interest or theme.
• Loads more content including destination descriptions, travel advice, travel guides, featured hotels and destinations, hotel reviews including availability, policies, facilities and maps.

At this time we will need affiliates to swap out existing creatives (both banners and textlinks) for new ones that land users on the new homepage. Please make these changes by Wednesday, 11/3, since old creatives will expire then. New creative can be found under Offer Banners in the 'English Banners' or 'Spanish Banners' creative groups.

We've also have city-specific, themed travel guide and branded textlinks in both English and Spanish. These can be found in the Management Area (MA) under Deep Text. Please select the corresponding Creative Group. If a city is not listed that you'd like to promote, please reach out to me and I can set ths up for you.

Speaking of creative, AllHotels is the first program to provide us with mobile creative! This is great for any affiliates that have a mobile version of their website. Ads will link directly to AllHotels' mobile site. These can be found under the 'Mobile Creative' grouping. I should also mention that if a user is viewing your site on a smartphone, AllHotel's servers are able to recognize this and will send them to their mobile site.

AllHotels is also working on seasonal creative since we're quickly approaching the winter ski season. I'll send out an announcement via email and on ABestWeb.com once these are loaded in the Management Area (MA).
Some of you have asked for a data feed and AllHotels is in the process of specking this out. They are hopeful to have a full data feed available for affiliate use by the end of Q1.

AllHotels is very aware that there are a lot of coupon sites promoting them and they are actively looking into a loyalty program where users will receive additional points when booking through an affiliate. They're hoping to roll this out in late Q1/early Q2. I'll let you know when to check OfferCentral to pick up the offer code.

Lastly, I want to reiterate their PPC policy since there have been a few questions about this.

•Bidding on the term AllHotels.com, misspellings of those terms or any variation thereof is strictly forbidden. There are no other restricted keywords.
•Affiliates cannot use Allhotels the title of the ad or variations using the branded words with destination cities, such as AllBostonHotels, as an example.
•Affiliates can direct link.

Have a great night!

Karen Varecka
Account Manager