Mineral Hygienics has requested new terms for paid search and couponers. They very rarely issue coupons and they would like tighter control on how their products are represented by coupon sites. Many automated coupon sites post fake coupons and we have decided to only issue exclusive coupons to trusted partners from this point forward. These terms go into effect Nov. 11 and I think many couponers will be removed immediately. If you would like to be an exclusive partner, now is the time to discuss with me.

PPC Policy

Trademark bidding and variations of trademark terms are not allowed on Google, MSN, Yahoo or Ask.com. Restricted terms include Mineral Hygienics, MineralHygienics, MineralHygienics.com, Natural Mineral Makeup, Mineral Makeup by Mineral Hygienics, 100% Pure Minerals and any variations including terms after the trademark such as "coupons" or "deals". We also prohibit any misspellings of our trademark names in paid search. Use of our display url and direct linking is prohibited, except for authorized affiliates only.


Mineral Hygienics only issues coupons to authorized sites. Any use of coupons not specifically assigned to your account will result in voided transactions and removal from the program. Posting fake coupons will also result in voided transactions and removal from the program.