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Thread: Join The U.S. Gas & Electric, Inc. Affiliate Program available only on!

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    Join The U.S. Gas & Electric, Inc. Affiliate Program available only on!
    Join The U.S. Gas & Electric, Inc. Affiliate Program!

    Available only at, USG&E specializes in Natural Gas & Electric service to millions of homes. We offer Natural Gas service in Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania No sign up fees, no deposits and no long term contracts! Users can sign up in less than 2 minutes online!

    Because it’s tough to make Gas or Electric power sexy, we have launched an environmental cause campaign for every customer who is successfully enrolled with USG&E, called the GreenG&E Machine ( The efforts of this program will plant tens of thousands of trees per week back into the environment. All of the trees purchased will be bought in the USA and planted within the States we service!

    We offer our customers the most competitive Gas & Electric rates available. We want to be the company that lays down a track record for a new industry to open its doors to affiliate and online marketing. By remaining focused on providing exceptional service, competitive rates, and doing our part to give back, we hope to continue creating our history in the years ahead.

    USG&E is ideal for the following websites: money saving, female lifestyle, home improvement, finance, couponing, environmental/earth friendly and sites that have geo-targeting functionality.


    U.S. Gas & Electric will accept enrollment from specific zip codes within the above mentioned states. Please contact the account manager for a complete list of zip codes.

    The U.S. Gas & Electric affiliate program provides a wide variety of creative, including static & animated banners as well as a thorough selection of text links. Email creative will be provided at a later date.

    Commission Structure
    Receive $26.92 for every successful enrollment. Transactions will be approved 30 days after enrollment.

    Cookie Length
    60 Days

    Search Marketing/PPC Policy

    Affiliates are encouraged to engage in search engine marketing with the following restrictions:

    Affiliates may not bid on any U.S. Gas & Electric trademarks, domain names, variations or misspellings. These should be added as negative, broad match terms.

    Prohibited keywords include but are not limited to: USG&E, USGandE, USG and E, USGandE, USG&,, USG and,, US Gas & Electric, New Jersey Gas & Electric, NJ Gas & Electric, NJG&E, Maryland Gas & Electric, MD Gas & Electric, MDG&E, New York Gas & Electric, NY Gas & Electric, NYG&E, Pennsylvania Gas & Electric, PA Gas & Electric, PAG&E, Indiana Gas & Electric, IN Gas & Electric, ING&E, Ohio Gas & Electric, OH Gas & Electric, OHG&E, Michigan Gas & Electric, MI Gas & Electric, MIG&E.

    Direct linking is allowed on all terms except for competitor terms. Competitor terms should land on a splash page first then can link to USG&E.

    Using USG&E is allowed in the ad copy, however ad coy must mimic the marketing message in the advertiser’s banner ads.

    Using USG&E in the display URL is allowed except on competitor terms.

    Any violations of this policy may result in the reversal and non-payment of all outstanding commissions and removal from the U.S. Gas & Electric affiliate program.

    If there are any questions about the search policy, please contact the affiliate program manager for clarification before investing time and money to launch a campaign that may be in conflict with the above search policies.

    These policies apply to all search engines.

    Other Restrictions
    No incentivized traffic, please.

    Affiliate Management

    This program is proactively managed by Karen Varecka. If you should have questions, please reach her
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