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    Placing SAS 'Make-a-Page' HTML into Wordpress Blog?
    Hi folks

    I was wondering if anyone more knowledgeable than myself could give some pointers about placing SAS 'make a Page' Html into a wordpress blog post.

    I have succesfully placed the code onto my website and all the items are nicely spaced. On my blog posts however they seem bunched up too closely and i cannot seem to work out how to increase the spaces between the individual items/images.

    Could anyone explain how i can do this, what html code i should place to create permanent spaces between items?

    Thanks for any feedback
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    SAS's Make-a-Page code is straight HTML, Wordpress is XHTML. You can view pages in html on Wordpress, but the code will put browsers into Quirks mode because it can't validate. I have two suggestions:
    Learn how to use html , xhtml and css (free!) at W3Schools Online Web Tutorials (This will fix the problem but it takes time to learn.

    and look at a tool like PSPad (free download) that can convert your html files into xhtml.

    As far as fitting the SAS page into your WP Theme, you need to know how wide to specify your tables to be when you create the pages, or else edit the html code you get from SAS to make it fit. If your images are 200px wide, you can't fit 3 of them into a 600px wide theme and leave any space.

    Good luck!

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