Please log into the Management Area (MA) and pick up new holiday creatives advertising Swarovski's online Christmas voucher. When customers spend $160 USD they'll receive 10% off their purchase. Promotional codes arent listed on these creatives since the voucher is automatically activated on the landing page. However if you are looking for a promo code, we have that too.

Please feel free to use the banners below or log into the MA and select "Rotating Content Ads" under Standard Banners. Make sure to replace **YOUR HANDLE** with yoiur unique buy.at handle before implementing. These banners should be removed from your site on 12/24.

Or, use the promo code CHRISTMAS2010 and link it to:

HTML Code:
http://buycrystalus.at/**YOUR HANDLE**?CTY=55&CID=1279&DURL=http://banner.nonstoppartner.de/common/banner.php?i=click&client=swarovski&camp=default&l=us&nw=bu8t
HTML Code:
<a href="http://buycrystalus.at/**YOUR HANDLE**?CTY=1&amp;CID=17744"><img src="http://b1.perfb.com/b1.php?ID=17744&amp;PURL=buycrystalus.at/**YOUR HANDLE**" border="0" /></a>
HTML Code:
<a href="http://buycrystalus.at/**YOUR HANDLE**?CTY=1&amp;CID=17748"><img src="http://b1.perfb.com/b1.php?ID=17748&amp;PURL=buycrystalus.at/**YOUR HANDLE**?" border="0" /></a>
Happy Selling!

Karen Varecka
Account Manager
Email: karen.varecka@buy.at
Phone: (888) 791-0341 x6