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    Question Problem with wget download

    I am using the Linkshare Signature report downloading feature in this way

    wget -O linkshare1289476762.txt -S

    when I paste this URL in the browser I am getting a ' .shtml ' file that contains the report. But when I used this with PHP using both system and exec commands , the report is downloaded but it is showing that

    *REPORTING ERROR: Our reporting servers are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, please try again later.*

    Anyone has ever came across such an issue..?
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    Alwin, please stop posting the same post in multiple threads.

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    I just tested it with my account and it works. Everything seems to be working as it should.

    Alwin, if you can share the exact URL you are using over PM (including username and pass) I can test it out for you.


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    Same problem
    I'm having the same problem.

    wget ""

    doesn't work from the command line.

    Also, I'm looking for some PHP code to get my report and store the fields into my database. I can write the code that stores the data into the database, but if anyone has PHP to parse the returned file that'd be great.

    I"m at d at duane dot com Thanks, Darrell
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