Join the Affiliate Program! offers a vast selection of consumer electronics, computer related accessories, video games, software and more at unbeatable prices. Bargain shoppers come to us for the latest releases and overstock products at up to 80% off regular retail prices.

Since the launch of and the founding of our parent company in 1987, we have built relationships with manufacturers, publishers, and distributors - purchasing the latest releases and overstock products at low prices. We are then able to pass the savings on to our retail customers throughout the world.

Category is ideal for a broad variety of sites including, but not limited to technology, deal forums, home theater and audio, retail, computer and consumer electronics sites.

The affiliate program provides a wide variety of creative and text links. In addition, we provide a regularly updated datafeed of all products currently in stock.

Commission Structure
Receive 5% of the sale price less tax and shipping.

Cookie Length
30 days

Search Marketing/PPC Policy
Affiliates can engage in search engine marketing related to with the following restrictions:

• Affiliates may not bid on related trademarks, domain names, misspellings or any variations thereof in paid search listings.
o Prohibited keywords include, but are not limited to: BargainStation, BargainStations, Bargains Station, Station Bargain, bstation, B Station, and

o These terms must be added as negative, broad match keywords in your account.

• Search affiliates may link directly to the website directly from a paid search campaign and use the display URL.

• Affiliates may use trademarks in ad text; however affiliates cannot use “Official Site” language or any variations of this in ad copy, or on their website.

• No direct linking on competitor terms. Affiliates can bid on any competitors' trademarks, but must land the user on a splash page first.

• Any violations of this policy may result in the reversal and non-payment of all outstanding commissions and removal from the affiliate program.

• If there are any questions about our search policies, please contact the affiliate program manager for clarification before launching any campaign(s) that may conflict with our aforementioned search policies.

Other Restrictions
We do not accept incentivized sites and direct linking is not allowed other than search.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Karen Varecka
Account Manager
t: (888) 791-0341 x6