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    Why on Earth Send Checks only by Regular Mail?
    I just want to bang my head on my monitor, this is how much I'm frustrated with LinkShare's check mailing service. I have lost another check from LinkShare in Mail, Lost 2 checks back to back a month back, and I can't even count the previous ones. First of all, I do not have Direct Deposit payment available for my location, and secondly LinkShare doesn't allow checks to be delivered by a Courier Service.
    I have requested them numerous times, but all I get is "We can't". Just how hard can it be? Or are they such a small tiny company that they can't manage it?
    I receive checks from Commission Junction, ShareASale and Google by FedEx and DHL every month, if they can do it without any problem, then why can't LinkShare? This is 2010 for God sake. Or if its like they intentionally send checks only by regular mail, so when the checks gets lost they can gain interest from that money in their bank for some more time.

    I have narrowed my list to just a few of merchants I work with at LinkShare. I tried to replace them as well with merchants from CJ and SAS, but they perform the best and I can't choose any alternate at this time.

    I think instead of begging LinkShare to offer this facility, I should focus my energy on compelling those merchants to move at CJ or SAS.
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    Have the same opinion. It won't be a big pain for Linkshare. However, it will help the publisher a lot, especially for those who invest a lot on PPC and need money to cover.

    Truly hope linkshare will do some improvement about the payment method. For my own part, I'll pay to choose express mail.

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