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    Will CJ ever pay Ashley Madison affiliates?
    Will CJ ever pay the due commissions to Ashley Madison affiliates? Or should I say will Ashley Madison ever pay CJ, so that they can pay us? Before Ashley Madison left CJ, they didn't pay the corresponding commissions. I have quite big bucks left unpaid. Anyone used to promoted them in CJ?

    CJ don't pay publishers unless the advertiser pay them. Fair point, I understand. I have contacted CJ several times regarding this. They always say that Ashley Madison have been billed. One time someone even started teaching me CJ basics" Those commissions are in Locked status. We can not pay until they are closed"

    I have contacted Ashley Madison affiliate manager at Atrinsic Affiliate network(that is where they moved their prog) and she informed me that they have paid CJ.

    I guess this is not the first time. I stumbled upon a thread on Digital Point Forums. Which describes almost the same situation except with diifferent advertiser. I tried to find the thread but couldn't

    Who should we believe? Ashley Madison saying they have paid or CJ saying they haven't been paid. I think we should believe Ashley Madison since, CJ should be able to file lawsuits against them if they don't pay.

    What should we make out of it? I'm kinda new to CJ(Only started earlier this year) I expected a company like this to work for both publishers and advertisers interest. Looks like they only care about advertisers and even eating the money of publishers.

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    Is it a $xx or $xx,xxx?

    If you have an account manager at CJ, ask him/her for help.

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