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    Been Badly Burned by Affiliate Manager.
    About a month ago, because I trusted him, I gave an Indian Affiliate Manager $715.00 to do an agreed number of tasks for me. He did nothing and finally stopped returning my e-mails. I paid him through Paypal. I live near Dublin. Do I have any redress I wonder? Thanks.
    Andrew Rynne.

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    That depends on how you paid him through PayPal. Have you visited their site to see what recourse you have? If his services were offered on a site and the payment was made via a link on that site, then they will help you recover funds in most cases. If it was just a send money link, maybe and maybe not.

    If you used a credit card to pay Paypal, talk to them, too. There are time limits on these things so a lot depends on when payment took place.

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    Dublin, Ireland or Dublin, California?

    Did you have an actual signed agreement or were the "tasks" merely memorialized in a series of emails? Was there a time frame specified? Did you agree to his TOS either in a document or as stated on his website, and if so, are there terms that apply to this situation, such as time frame and the specification of a location (India, Ireland, California, etc.) under which laws the "agreement" are to be interpreted and, if necessary, litigated?

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    Definitely dispute this through PayPal and/or your credit card company (if you funded the transaction with your credit card, which gives you the most protection). I doubt you have much legal recourse, as legal fees would quickly dwarf any potential recovery.

    If you're not succesful through PayPal/CC, I would just chalk this one up to education.

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    Where did you meet the person?
    elance, etc or one of those spammy emails?
    if you did it through a network or marketplace like eLance - you might be able to get some help from them

    all the best

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