Hi all, just wanted to discuss a point of view regarding a trendy marketing method that is currently working wonderfully, A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the best ways to begin the process of optimizing a landing page because of the availability of analytic tools and the ease of designing tests to compare data.

This form of marketing testing involves comparing a control sample with a number of single variable test samples. The goal is to identify the factors that influence the conversion rate of a given marketing campaign, and to make the necessary adjustments that will lead to a better conversion rate.

Generally speaking, A/B testing is an easy way to collect the necessary data to optimize a marketing campaign. It is possible to compare the traffic statistics of a given sample with that of the control, with most web analytic tools. In addition to this, A/B testing does not require a webmaster to design a split test that is perfectly balanced. A/B testing is flexible enough to allow the tester to divert their traffic in a number of ways, and still be able to reach conclusions on the best way to optimize their site

Although it was originally used for direct mail campaigns, it is now also used to optimize campaigns involving banners and other marketing tools.

This method can be very effective in comparing individual variables that can influence a marketing campaign, but A/B testing does not allow the user to compare multiple variables in the same sample. Online marketers and webmasters that want to gather data on a multivariate test have to employ other methods that will allow them to analyze data with more sophisticated models.

Hope it's useful