I am kind of inexperienced affiliate accounts so I am not sure what is normal and what is non-normal with Terms of Agreements. I have had a couple of affiliate accounts before and most seem pretty straightforward with the Terms of Agreements (no scams, no spam, etc) so I read them agreed and didn't think much about them.

But I was looking at Starwest Botanicals "Terms of Agreement:" and it is just massive.. 3,652 words long. I am not worried about legal issues because my sites a legit and my traffic is just plain old organic traffic.
But I am a little hesitant dealing with someone that feels they need to put people they deal with in such a legal bind to do business. I do web design and most of the people I have come in contact with that had massive contracts full of self protective clauses turned out to be pretty shady characters with a never ending intent on keeping the upper hand on people and taking advantage of them.

When I do contacts I try to keep them fewer than 800 words so a normal person can read them with out hiring a lawyer or studying them for 50 hours.

So I am wondering is a lengthily (3,652 word) "Terms of Agreement:" Normal for an affiliate account? Should I just move on to the next merchant ?