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    video sharing

    Im new to blogging. I know and fully understand the rules of plagiarism. Many sites such as Youtube, Yahoo and Google provide video with html codes to embed on to emails or Facebook and other areas. Does that mean I could use these same codes of the video and embed them on my blog? For example, Celebrities videos, how-to-videos or any video related to the subject matter I'm discussing on my blog? All these html codes come with the link to the owner. So that would be an acknowledgement of sorts of the intellectual property ownership. So, if anyone could tell me if I can or can not use these videos on my blog. If I can not then how I could I go about getting permission?



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    You posted the same question yesterday: Online video sharing - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    In that thread you received a few responses. If you have different questions it will help if the topic is all in one place so you don't get the same answers again and again. Go to YouTube and read their TOS, then you will know for certain what is permitted and what is not.

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    video sharing.
    Yes, I posted the same question yesterday. YOU COULDN'T PROVIDE THE ANSWER. So you suggested I go to the legal section of the forum. I DID!
    So now I won't be back. Moderator Note: personal attacks are not permitted
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