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    January 18th, 2005
    Option I - Per Member Payout

    You will earn $1.50 for each woman and $0.50 for each man who signs up for free!

    Option II - Percentage Payout:

    You will earn up to 100% of the registration fee (between $19.94 and $139.94) of your visitors who sign up as a paying member.

    Bonus! We also add 10 cents per woman and 5 cents per man to your check for each free signup. This is in addition to your 100% payout. That way, many of our affiliates make OVER 110% of what we do!

    Option III - Per Order Payout:

    Now you can cut through all the tricky math about conversion rates and percentages, and receive a flat $25 per order. Even if your visitors purchase our popular one-month, $19.95 membership, you still receive $25!

    what do you think? what would you sign up for?

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    Shimmy Shimmy Bang Bang shimmy's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
    I use Option 2, I tried Option 1 and didn't make as much. I never tried Option 3

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    Prince of Content Vinny O'Hare's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
    I just signed up last week used option 2 its too new to tell.
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    i use option 2

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    Thanks Guyz.. for your feedback.. thats excellent..

    do you recommend any other dating merchants that pay well?

    any experience with
    one and only



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    What about DateMatch?
    They seem to be happy to match the top offers.
    Currently running a $69 per member promotion.

    they do have a heritage in the adult arena which could be either good or bad depending on your view point

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    I use none of the above any longer.

    I got their per lead rate for about a year, but was then tranfered to per-sale, and earned with them that way for a couple of years. Conversion consistantly dropped though. Perhaps they are too well known now. Too big.

    Now I find that there are so many competing dating sites, most networks have a couple dating CPA campaigns available that pay just for the sign up, and at better rates too. (On MaxBounty, we offer SingleMe at $2.50 CPA and soon to add iMatchUp at $2 CPA).

    Your best bet is probably to shop around.
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